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 Passage of Time: Days, Nights and Mortality versus Kindred

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PostSubject: Passage of Time: Days, Nights and Mortality versus Kindred   Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:29 am

Starting this game as the living makes for some interesting time lines in regards to day and night, and the general passage of time. While Vampires are constricted to the night and then must sleep, the living are able to pass through night and day, even all nighters, or even miss a day or two while lost in sleep due to illness or injury. Due to this, if your character is living, you will find that your time line may vary to what is listed at the top of the site. Two weeks of game time is still the set time before end of game night and experience being awarded, and at the end of the two weeks, all serious scenes must be finished at the end of the game night and your character must be going to sleep/work/school for 'down time' away from massive social interaction.

For those of you that are 'alive' it is the year 2000, for those who are inducted into the eternal night, it is the year 2012, do not worry about this discrepancy, PC Kindred you will not meet PC living except in extreme cases, however PC living can and will meet up with PC living if the situation arises.

I will flesh this out further in detail as I sort out all the issues with this over the next bit, and please, this is your game too, any ideas, concerns, confusion, message me or post it here, this is something I will be building on, and it involves you too.
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Passage of Time: Days, Nights and Mortality versus Kindred
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