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A WoD RPG based on Vampire the Masquerade V20
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 Experience Spending Costs

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PostSubject: Experience Spending Costs   Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:00 pm

With the initial cost spending for making your character sheet, the cost for purchasing extra dots is as follows:
Attributes: 5 Free Points
Abilities: 2 Free Points
Backgrounds: 1 Free Point
Disciplines: 7 Free Points
Virtues: 2 Free Points
Humanity and Willpower: 1 Free Point

When spending your experience points, the cost for purchasing extra dots is as follows:
Attributes: Current rating x 5
Abilities: Current rating x 2, first dot in any area costing 3.
Backgrounds: To be role-played out and given at ST's discretion
Disciplines: In clan: Current rating x 5, initial dot 7pts
Out of clan: Current rating x 7, initial dot 10pts
Secondary Blood magic path: Current rating x4, initial dot 7pts
Virtues: Current rating x 2
Humanity: Current rating x 2
Willpower: Current rating
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Experience Spending Costs
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