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Wednesday, September 24th, 2014. An abnormally cool evening at 10c, the sky is overcast and there is a dampness on the light breeze.

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 Lawrence: A Hint of Darkness

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PostSubject: Lawrence: A Hint of Darkness   Thu Sep 25, 2014 4:11 am

When Lawrence first caught a glimpse of the dark world lurking beneath "normality", he was just fourteen years old. It was a fairly innocuous event, all things told, but it had stuck with him through the years. It had involved a one-time friend of his, a boy by the name of Jack. Lawrence hadn't had many friends in school, nor was he particularly close to those he did have, but Jack was perhaps the closest he'd ever come to having a best friend. They spent most of their free time together, bonding over similar interests and shared issues with authority figures. It had all ended very abruptly, however. After missing several days of school, Jack had come to Lawrence in the dead of night. He was pale, haggard, and constantly glancing over his shoulders as though watching for some nameless stalker. He tried talking to Lawrence, but all it amounted to incoherent babbles and mad rambling. The only thing Jack managed to convey was terror and apprehension. That had been the last time Lawrence had ever seen Jack. He was never able to get a straight answer as to where his friend had gone; as far as anyone was able to tell, the entire family had simply uprooted and left without a word.

Lawrence grunted sourly, and shook the memory away. Why am I thinking about that now? Of all the ridiculous things... Except, he knew exactly what had brought up the memory. It was sitting not a foot away from him on his desk; he could see the tight, aged leather binding out of the corner of his eye. He drummed his fingers impatiently across the wood of his desk, and glanced at the clock impatiently. Still a few minutes until his prep hour was over and his next class began. He would never have thought he would be so eagerly for a class to begin. Of course, he never thought that he would be trying so very hard to avoid a book, either, and yet there he sat, looking anywhere and everywhere but at the innocuous little tome sitting beside him. He had briefly considered shutting it away in his drawer, but quickly decided that was taking things too far. He didn't put with superstitious nonsense from others, and he certainly would tolerate it in himself. A book was a book, nothing more.

He had confiscated it from a student the day before, after he and a couple of friends had disrupted class by gawking at it during a lecture. Lawrence had promised to give it back at the end of the day, and, curious about what exactly it was, taken it home to give it a read-through. He almost wished he hadn't. It was written as a journal of some sort, though Lawrence couldn't imagine what madman would keep such a thing. In the beginning it read almost like a journal of zoology, listing various species and their traits. That wouldn't have been so odd, were it not for the fact that among the creatures listed were werewolves, spirits and demons, monsters of all sorts, and even vampires. Of all the ridiculous things. At first Lawrence had chuckled. It was obviously a fiction novel, or maybe a companion book to some sort of role playing game. Then, however, things got dark.

As the book went on it described, in explicit, scientific terms some of the most gruesome experiments and tests Lawrence had ever heard of. Experiment not only on these various creatures, but living humans as well. They involved desecrating and butchering, and creating new constructs from the remains. Accompanying the explanations were hideously detailed drawings, providing anatomic diagrams and step-by step guides to reproducing the process. The writer of the journal even claimed to have "...crafted my own flesh, shedding the mortal visage to purge the last traces of humanity from my being..." Lawrence didn't want to admit it, but the journal deeply disturbed him. He would return the book as promised to the boy he had taken it from, but he also wanted to have a long talk. The boy was in his World History class, and after it was over Lawrence would discuss the journal with him.
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PostSubject: Re: Lawrence: A Hint of Darkness   Thu Sep 25, 2014 6:24 pm

Beyond disturbing, there was also that nagging question, not just memories that had returned, unbidden and not quite fitting in with any sort of reason, any sort of answer, just more like a flickering image hovering over you. There is also why, no, not why he had it, where had he gotten it, what on earth was a fifteen year old doing with a book like this, it doesn't seem to be something his parents would have given him, or really, why would a fifteen year old go looking for this in a bookstore, what bookstore owner would have such a thing to sell to a fifteen... Yes that is it, why does he have it, how does he have it and why, why does it remind you of Jack, of a lost friend and why, why does it sit there and seem to whisper silently at you, reaching out to convince you to read it again, hold it again...

The bell sounds, a sharp sound to pierce through a revere you were not aware you were in until your heart skips, the pen in your hand clattering to the floor as you come alert once more, the last ten minutes had been lost to thinking, again.

Laughter, shouts in the hall, History class, that student and way too much on your mind, History, and they had a test tomorrow, focus on the review and then deal with the book, how on earth had a teenage boy come into possession of this?

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Lawrence: A Hint of Darkness
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